What do popular websites have in common? They adjust to users’ preferences using machine learning and data mining technology. That’s how they boost conversion and attract more users. For now, only big companies like Amazon has the best practices since they have more money and can implement AI technologies while constantly improving their conversion.  What if millions of small businesses (SMB) could do the same? Studies show that machine learning is top-1 technology SMBs would like to use to make their online marketing more effective and friendly. With over 1 billion websites and 3,8 billion internet users around the globe, the idea seems to be the next big thing on the web.

uKit is a website builder that helps boost conversion with machine learning and big data analysis by customizing a specific webpage to visitors preferences. Now uKit incorporates generative design algorithms and neural networks to AI-design assistant. It already can evaluate visual appearance of the website. Next step is adding knowledge base about internet users preferences (uData) and blockchain technology for data sharing.

During the pre-sale which ended on December 31st, 2017, the company issued 5000 tokens with 25% bonus.

“We already serve to many website owners, mostly from small business, it’s pre-ICO has shown a high demand for its tokens from the outside backers – both marketing experts and people from cryptocurrency community. We are planning to offer 50 000 tokens at ICO in 2018”, — says Irina Cherepanova, Product and Marketing Director with uKit.

The company anticipates huge urther demand on its tokens due to limited amount and the idea that stays behind the company — it provides solution to a real problem – “how to gain more clients with fewer expenses”. Token holders get free access to uKit builder and can spend it on increasing conversion with the help of AI. Those who didn’t buy tokens would have to pay for such service on regular basis. Website owners may also earn tokens by helping to train AI. Providing depersonalized data about traffic behavior on their websites they get a part of token from the project’s reserve fund — the exact amount of reward is based on the amount of data contributed by each participant.

Source: https://usethebitcoin.com